Please complete the following task. 

Woodwork 8 & 9
Wood Assignment - WW9 please complete this assignment from before.

Sr. Carpentry & Joinery 
  1. Carpentry & Joinery Assignment - Please submit this assignment from yesterday's class via Google Classroom, Drive or Mail. I expect that I will have an assignment from everyone submitted by the middle of class on Friday. I look forward to seeing your exceptional presentations! 

  2. WHMIS Information - we will be working through our WHMIS booklets. Please use the information booklet to complete the exercise booklet answers. Please answer them in a Google Docs document. The can state the matching questions in a list format. (ie. Number 1 is matched with J) We will continue working on them next week. 

It is important that you are being respectful of the teacher and the facility!!

Be good!